Aiden Lazarus






65 kg


165 cm




Goldenrod city(Johto)






A street orphan born in Goldenrod City, Aiden is an aloof drifter in the slums of the city. While searching for a meaning in life, he is saved by a mysterious pokemon trainer outside Violet City. After given his first pokemon from Professor Elm, he sets out to look for the man who saved his life.

Appearance Edit

Standing at 165 cm, average build and loose fitting clothes, there is almost nothing special about him. The only distinct feature is his royal purple hair and pupils. Usually seen with a tired look on his face, and slow strides in his step.

Personality Edit

An aloof boy who is generally not interested in the activities going on around him. From a very early age, he hasn't found thrill in anything and will almost instantly get bored from an activity. He hasn't found his purpose yet in life, so he will jump from place to place and activity to activity. Usually caught yawning in the streets while looking around. Although he is not interested in most things, Aiden is surprisingly good with children. When encountered with a lost child or a child in need of any sort, he does his best to help them being a street kid. He knows how it feels to be in pain.

As a pokemon Trainer now, he feels this is his time to become something great in this world.


Aiden has almost no recollection of his life before the age of 10. In his dreams, he gets short glimpses of his past of him in a family but can't make full notice of everything. From as long as he could remember, the streets have been his home. Because of this, Aiden records a journal of important events and where he went every day.

While walking in the grass outside Violet City, he was attacked by a wild Growlithe. Not knowing if he could get out of it alive, a Trainer walked in and easily disposed of the Growlithe. The Trainer was curious exactly why he would be in the grass, he sends him over to Professor Elm to become a trainer.


/*to be filled in as the story progesses*/

Pokemon TeamEdit

Mareep(Lvl.8/Female):Despite the obvious difference in personalities of Mareep and Aidan, they both had an instant
  • Aiden's Mareep
connection with each other because of Mareep being a tortued pokemon Professor Elm found.
  • Ability: Static
    • Moves:
      • Tackle
      • Growl


  • Pokedex
  • 1 Potion
  • 5 Pokeballs
  • Map
  • Personal Journal
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