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Blackthorn City (Johto Region)






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Retsugi has brown spikey hair and blue eyes. Physically, he is rather tall for his age and has the athletic ability to match it, he wears a red zipped Jacket with the sleeves always rolled up, he also wears blue pants and red sneakers. He keeps his Pokeballs attached to his belt but only on one side and also wears dark blue fingerless gloves.


He comes across as very calm and collected in most situations, almost as if he is fully aware of his surroundings and anything unexpected that could happen, some have described it as a quiet confidence. Unlike most young trainers who become restless of their hometown and leave the moment they are old enough to do so, Retsugi enjoyed the peace and quiet of Blackthorn City. However, in battle it's like he comes alive with a fiery determination.


At a very young age, Retsugi and his older brother were found wandering alone through the mountains, neither of them had eaten for days until they came across a certain Pokemon Trainer who had been training in the area, he lead them to a place he had called home, Blackthorn City.

The boys lived at the Pokemon Centre for some time until they were eventually given a proper place to live, as the years passed by they became well known and liked by the residents. They spent most of their time at the Gym, watching Pokemon battles and often being given chores to do by the leader Clair that ranged from cleaning to taking care of sick or injured Pokemon and on rare occasions, practice battles.

When his older brother turned 10, he made the decision to leave the city to go on a Journey as a Pokemon Trainer, Retsugi very rarely heard from him, but every so often news would reach the city of his accomplishments as a Trainer, some people even began to compare him to the famous Lance, before he knew it 6 years had passed.

On his 13th birthday, Retsugi was told by Clair to visit the Pokemon Centre, there Nurse Joy explained to him that she had recieved a Pokemon Egg that was meant for him, it was a birthday gift from his brother.

It had even come with a note that read:

"It's about time you saw the world, this is my gift to you. It will serve you well in your journey, someday we will meet again as rivals, I will be waiting."

Retsugi had quite a bit of experience with hatching Pokemon in the past from helping out at the Gym or the Pokemon centre, he was looking forward to what kind of Pokemon it would be.


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